Capito for Dilapidation and Photographic Reporting

Create Dilapidation Reports Quickly with Linrock Capito

Capito is a multiuse Windows program. It provides a practical no-nonsense approach to building dilapidation reports incredibly quickly. You import hundreds of images – add your text and markup (if necessary) then publish to a Microsoft Word document. Capito scales and compresses the images and produces a good looking document. It’s core benefit is speed. Project managers, engineers, site inspectors report time savings of at least 50%.

A logical, fast approach.

Capito is a Windows tool with many uses. The common theme is images and text and markup. Dilapidation and photographic reports fit perfectly into that world.

Fundamentally, the value of this product to the project manager, engineer, builder or site inspector is speed and consistency of output. The software makes Word documents from images and text. You could, like most do, perform the task today manually – one image at a time – rotate – scale – type and achieve exactly what Capito does. The thing is it’s pretty time consuming work often taking a couple of days to do a big report.

Capito is quicker. A lot quicker. You will almost certainly cut the time in half.

Automatic fully formatted finished work.

Dilapidation Example

Customers report 50% time savings using the logical Capito approach to this business challenge.

Import Images

Import one or hundreds of images.

Markup, Rotate, Comment

Add text, arrows, circles and even counters. For flexibility, these remain as movable, editable elements so you can change or replace them anytime.

Make Report

Automatically generate formatted reports in Word format using your template.

Choice of Report Formats

Key Features

Import Hundreds of Images

Tested up to 1000 images, Capito will import your images quickly.

Rotate and Crop

Rotate or Crop each image quickly.

Auto Size - Auto Scale

Save time by letting Capito resize and scale your images automatically.

Delete, Insert, Rearrange

You can easily move the order of your images as well as remove and insert new ones.

Automate Addition of Text

You can easily select one, multiple or all your images and change the names of those images all at the one time. You can also add the same comment to a group of images in one click.

Store the report

Capito has it’s own file format so you can keep things organised.

Multiple Output Styles

Capito currently has 3 dilapidation report templates and more are coming. You can alter the templates with your own logo and type style.