Linrock Capito. Ultra fast user instructions.

A Windows tool that does the heavy lifting when it comes to building user instructions.

You do fast markup, the Capito code does the formatting and layout

Looks like a drawing tool.

Capito is easy to use.

It has a familiar feel of a drawing tool but with multiple images.

You work on the image with your text and markup focussed on the procedure rather than the final layout. Although you can crop, you shouldn’t – you put all the steps related to this image on this image.


Works like a drawing tool.

But the tools are more powerful.

The markup tools are clever. They combine arrows and area with text and counters and this marriage of elements keeps the related pieces together and organised.

Markup also has an order in Capito. The counters recount as you rearrange the steps or insert a new step. This is all automatic and runs across all your images.


But this is no normal drawing tool

You do image markup – Capito builds the fully formatted output.

How it works

Fully formatted user friendly outputs.

Microsoft Word Output

Capito makes the entire Word file from your markup.

The images are sized to fit nicely inside the table but your text has been moved. It’s real editable text in the word document. Also, your text boxes are no longer on the image and have been collapsed to just the counter. The counters are also adjusted in size to suit this output. The image with it’s counters and arrow and area tools gives the user a geographic context (the ‘you are here’ concept).

The other really clever feature in this example is the ‘snipped image’. Do you see the Paste icon on the right hand side? That’s automatically created for you.

The combination of the screen image and the snipped image give the reader an unambiguous visual description of what and where helping to minimise user frustration and mistakes.


Microsoft Powerpoint Output

Capito makes the entire Powerpoint file from your markup.

Your markup is used for Powerpoint to suit training delivery. Even if you put 5 markup steps in Capito here in the Powerpoint output you can have one step per slide automatically. Not only that, you also get a small image map to show the location of the markup plus also a zoomed in section of the image with the curent step. This gives the viewer both clarity of the exact step as well as it’s position on the screen.

Optionally you can have more than one step per slide of course.


Microsoft Outlook Output

Capito makes Outlook emails from your image markup.

Quickly do the markup – hit the button – instant fully formed, very clear, support email ready to go.


Do the markup once. Capito automatically reformats your markup, your images and text to suit the different outputs.

Fully formatted for online delivery


Capito makes really clear Animated HTML without needing any HTML skill at all. This output takes the viewer through your steps in a logical way displaying each of your markup elements one at a time and smoothly transitioning between steps.


HTML Output

Capito makes really clear HTML without any extra effort on your part, ready to put onto the web or intranet.


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