How people are using Capito

Capito. Creates complete visual instructions but it's as simple as a drawing tool to use.

Capito is about doing markup once (including the text) and then generating one or more outputs without having to do any re-work. Our concept is that the software should do the time consuming layout, cropping, scaling work for you. The below are examples of the broad usage of this innovative product.


Work procedures.

Capito was built to build instructions quickly. This word document is an example of a very clear set of user instructions. This output minimises paper use yet maximises understanding of the material. Notice how the counters on the image are clearly visible – their size has been automatically adjusted to suit this output type.


Training Documents

With one more click the Word output gets bigger images. This output is particularly useful where there are many markup element on a single image. Obviously the tabular Word output above is also commonly used as a training guide.


Training Presentations

Without any extra effort you can create a Powerpoint presentation. To keep things clear for the participants this shows only one step per slide even though in Capito there may be more markup element on the image. (optionally you can show multiple ). This example shows a very clever innovation helping the viewer with geographic context (the small image) and a full sized image of the relevant part of the image.


Email Support

If you use Outlook for your email and you need to do technical support then this is really handy. Capito will create an email for you and populate it with the images, markup and text ready to address and send.


UI Changes

Trying to explain User Interface changes can be challenging. Capito’s multimage architecture allows the analyst to make the desired changes completely clear. Note in this example the ability to copy and move part of an image.


Quick Reference Cards

Using the Powerpoint output and choosing to display all the markup on an image on a single Powerpoint slide delivers a really clean visual description of the elements of a screen.


HTML – Web help

Capito makes really clear HTML files. We provide a basic stylesheet but like the other outputs in Capito you can use your own templates.



Capito makes really clear Animated HTML without needing any HTML skill at all. This output takes the viewer through your steps in a logical way displaying each of your markup elements one at a time and smoothly transitioning between steps.

Special Outputs

Capito is also used for photographic evidence reports such as Dilapidation Reports. These reports are the result of importing hundreds of images (tested to 1000), automated naming, and text entry for the image when necessary. Customers report time savings from 50% to 80%.


Image/Dilapidation Report 1

A two image per page output where you can set the maximum image width and height. Title and text appear below each image. Both automatically use text styles defined in the word template.


Image/Dilapidation Report 2

This report provides up to 8 images per page.


Image/Dilapidation Report 3 – Comparison

Designed to show matching before and after images, this report positions the images side by side but only shows the text from the second image.


Photographic Instructions

This is technically not a different output – but it’s another really interesting use of this very fast tool.